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Cantina Corsino Italiana: Unassuming Yet Hearty Italian Cuisine


Sometimes the traditional, trendy or fancy Italian restaurants in New York get a run for their money from a unassuming unknown ones, such is the case with Corsino, although it is not completely unknown.

It is definitely one of those restaurants that from the road looks like the kind of place I would usually walk by without a thought not somewhere I typically envision lingering over a heartwarming meal. I picked the restaurant because of a stray online review that wrote such a glowing review of the food that I just had to try it out.

I decided that having a girls dinner at this hidden gem would be perfect, at least if the food didn’t turn out to be good we could enjoy some girl talk over red wine.

Luckily, we had the opportunity to do both. The interior of the restaurant while plain is very cosy and comfortable, almost casually luxurious. The lighting gives the room an even glow and by the time we left the restaurant was beyond packed with people and an accompanying cheery buzz of energy.

My friend started with a crostini and because she couldn’t pick, the waiter brought her both, the second on the house. I got a substantial taste of the ricotta & orange honey toast and it was just delicious, although it was orange infused cheese it would have been that much more sublime.

Then, we split a bowl of the potato soup of the day, and luckily we did because the split bowls we each received were brimming to the top with soup. The soup was hearty and filling and actually made my main course feel light in comparison.

As usual, we both ended up picking the same pasta, and we both ordered the gluten free version. It was the first time I’ve ever tried Gluten free pasta and it was a surprisingly pleasant experience. Gluten free pasta is airy, light and doesn’t sit heavy in the stomach as a result.

I know this sounds crazy but I’ve been searching for a good lemon pasta for more than two years now, ever since I tried a heavenly version at my cousin’s bachelorette party. For some reason I’ve never asked my cousin what restaurant we went to that night. The lemon fusilli at Corsino, mixed with fresh scallion, chili & pecorino romano was light, lemony and just that touch of creamy. Even though it wasn’t the pillowy, lemony version I tried two years ago, it was enough to inspire me to text my cousin from dinner. Apparently the name of the restaurant with the heaven sent lemon pasta is Supper, and you better believe I will be going there the next chance I get!

After we devoured our pasta my girl friend ordered the chocolate torta. I tried a spoon and it was rich, and decadent, the perfect way to end an Italian meal. I decided to end my meal with another glass of red wine and the cremont cheese, a great creamy cheese that was wonderful with my wine.

All in all, the dinner was hearty, a kind of professional comfort food. The restaurant was comfortable and perfect for the night you want to stay in your flannel (I did) and your rainboots (I did) yet also indulge in really good down to earth Italian fare.

Contact Information:

Address: 637 Hudson Street NY NY 10014


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